Experienced in all aspects of historic motorsport, we are specialists in
the restoration and race
preparation of classic cars,
most notably Jaguar and Ferrari.





Restoring your
thoroughbred classic car

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From cardboard boxes to concours, Pearsons Engineering offers a complete service to clients needing their cars restored to their former glory. We specialise in preserving as much of the original material as possible, using state-of-the-art technologies combined with sympathetic finishing.

restorationChassis - straightening, repairing, renewing and strengthening. In some cases, our specialists can improve the handling of the car beyond its original capabilities.

Engine, gearbox & drivetrain - we can source parts or, where necessary, remanufacture bespoke parts from the original factory blueprints using our own on-site facilities. Tuning is carried out by a dedicated team of highly trained specialist engineers.

Bodywork - We can panel beat, restore or provide invisible repairs, and if the section is beyond all hope, we have the in-house facilities to manufacture new panels to the highest specification.

Trim - Using the best quality upholstery and instrument suppliers to restore and finish your car to its original splendour.